Fertility Foundations

I designed this program because when I was working with clients it was clear that people are not given enough information at their short GP or consultant visits in relation to what might be going on with their fertility.  Most clients won’t ever see their results unless they have requested them and even then they don’t have enough knowledge to understand what they mean.  I see clients so upset at appointments asking me why they weren’t told years previously that the sperm was not optimal.  They were just told to come back in 6-12 months for IVF if they hadn’t gotten pregnant naturally but no strategy was given to help them achieve a natural pregnancy.  I believe this is one of the biggest misconceptions that IVF clinics AKA a fertility clinics are there to support all avenues of fertility.  Most clinics do not offer support for achieving natural pregnancy.  In my opinion they also don’t offer enough support for optimising the success of their own treatments; for example optimising egg and sperm quality as well microbiome testing prior to IUI or IVF.  This is a huge disadvantage and it’s the reason working with a nutritional therapist can give you a huge advantage when it comes to getting results.  

This program aims to equip you with all the knowledge you need to understand your results and empower you to feel like you know what areas need further support in order to charge of your fertility.