10 Day Keto Kickstart
A low carb, high fat food plan

This is a lower carb and higher fat, low calorie food plan to kickstart your metabolism into using body fat for energy. I designed it to support women, who feel this process may not be happening efficiently.

  • Think difficulty losing weight, crazy sugar cravings, irritability, mood swings, headaches, fatigue, brain fog, poor sleep quality, dizziness and just generally not feeling your best self!
  • The problem is we all become more insulin resistant (lose blood glucose control) as we get older and the diet needs to be adjusted accordingly to reduce health risk markers, such as increased weight around the middle and poor cholesterol ratios. Foods we tolerated before (sugar and carbohydrate intake) suddenly piles pounds around the middle… suddenly starts triggering weight gain! 

What you get…

  • A shopping list, which you can pick up in Dunne’s or Aldi
  • 10% off Evergreen online for your fat bomb recipe ingredients and electrolytes
  • Meal planner for the 10 days
  • Recipes that are all macro and calorie counted
  • Family friendly recipes with amazing feedback
  • Delicious sweet treat recipes to help kick that sugar habit to the curb!

What you will Learn

  • How to avoid side effects of cutting down on carbohydrates (such as keto flu and digestive disorders)
  • How to tell when you are actually in ketosis.
  • The best type of exercise to help you transition into ketosis.

You will also get…

  • Accesss to a supportive Community where you are under a group of a nutritional therapists and health coaches to answer any questions.
  • Money Back guarantee if you don’t lose weight.

What’s the Food Like?

  • Foods are based around family friendly recipes using low carb vegetables with protein and healthy fats.

A Typical Day…

Various egg dishes, keto granola or low carb smoothie

Low carb soup or salad, stuffed mushrooms or peppers

Thai curry, bolognese, steak, salmon, roast chicken – all very family friendly

Snacks include:
Strawberries and cream, fat bombs like bounty bites and low carb chocolate brownies

“This Program was designed with females in mind and is not suitable for vegetarians, fussy eaters or those avoiding fish, eggs or dairy.”

By purchasing my program you are agreeing to the Terms, Conditions and Cautions so please read carefully.

“Follow on Plan”

Some people will do the kickstart for quick weight loss results and others want to make long term lasting changes for their health. The 28 day challenge is a lovely program to transition onto after the Kickstart because when you are using fat for energy, fasting becomes so much easier! Plus the 28 Day Challenge is more flexible with carbs and alcohol so therefore easier to maintain longer term (if you’ve a bit more weight to lose). 

“10 Day Kickstart”

This program is now closed but you can add your email by clicking the link below and I’ll send you a reminder when my September program is opening! 

“28 Day Fasting Challenge”

If you would like more info on the second part of the program you can click on the link below:



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