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I know what it feels like, you want to be pregnant now and you’ve been trying for a while.  You may have been told you have unexplained infertility or you may even have experienced a miscarriage.  All this can leave you feeling hopeless and lost.  There is so much pressure when you feel like you are running out of time. 

It can feel very frustrating when things don’t go to plan, but where do you go from here..?  Do you go to an IVF clinic or do you try to navigate this journey yourself?  What if I told you there was another option… 

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Fertility is actually a journey and learning about our bodies and how to nourish ourselves, not only our diet, but also the words we are feeding ourselves, can be the missing link we need to make this journey easier.

I designed this program to help you to feel less lost, less confused and give you more knowledge to feel in control of your own fertility journey.   You can go to your GP or even a fertility clinic but there just isn’t enough time at these appointments to learn everything you need to know about what can impact your reproductive health. 

I was lucky enough to have a beautiful little girl at age 40, after 2 miscarriages and 3 years of trying.  During this time I felt like I had no one to turn to as I didn’t want to go down the IVF route, (having reacted very badly to hormonal birth control in the past).  I found it very difficult to find non judgemental support, where I didn’t feel pressure about my age. 

Trying to conceive can feel very stressful and disappointing.  I wish I had somebody who would have walked with me through this journey to make it easier for me.  This program has a special focus on looking after your mental health during this journey.  

As a nutritional therapist I understand how all systems in the body are connected and health issues seldom happen in isolation.  Sometimes you just need someone to ask you the right questions to help you join the dots as to why you maybe not be getting pregnant. 

I am so passionate about educating women about their health and hormones, teaching you to become the expert of our own body!

This program aims to equip you with all the information you need to enhance and give yourself the best possible chance of having a healthy pregnancy, whether that’s naturally or assisted.

I look forward to walking with you through this journey.

Niamh Burke

Pathway to Pregnancy Online Program

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Program Features 10 weeks

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Caroline has been practising as a nurse for over 20 years and has seen first hand the stress people go through when they are suffering from a chronic health condition.  Realising people needed more support than what was being offered by the mainstream medical system she went on to train as an EFT practitioner. 

EFT is both a mind and a body therapy.  It involves tapping on key acupressure points on the hands, face and body to help release stress and trauma from the body, while focusing on any uncomfortable emotions that might come up that day and using positive affirmations to help gently release them.  Research has found that stimulating acupressure points can signal the release of a variety of brain chemicals, including serotonin (our feel good hormone), GABA (our calming hormone) and even opioids (that help with pain relief).

Caroline has put together a very gentle EFT practice for the members of the program to help them manage the stress and overwhelm which often comes hand in hand with a fertility journey.   


Sim is a Hypnotherapist with a special focus on fertility wellness and the mind – body connection.  She went through her own 5 year fertility journey and birthed her beautiful baby boy at age 44!  She is a true inspiration and describes hypnotherapy and mindset work as being an integral part of her journey.  She now helps other women step out of a place of fear, doubt and lack when they are trying to conceive and into a fertile mindset of growth and possibility. 

She has recorded a guided hypnosis meditation for the members of the program to help reduce feelings of stress and overwhelm, while building resilience and confidence  in their ability to conceive, which can often become displaced on a long fertility journey.



Sinead is a Wellbeing Specialist and has been practicing and teaching Yoga, Breathing and Meditation for 10 years.  She empowers individuals with tools to take charge of their wellbeing through simple & impactful daily habits.

She produced 2 short videos on breathwork and yoga for the program, both of which align beautifully in supporting fertility. These practices aim to oxygenate the body, increasing circulation to the reproductive organs and nourishing the ovaries and endometrium.  They also deeply relax the body, which reduces the stress hormones and in turn supports balanced female hormones.  Correct breathing supports detoxification and increases oxygen in the blood, which is very important for both fertility and pregnancy.   

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