Microbiome Package

Ever wonder if your reproductive microbiome could be holding you back on your fertility journey?

If you are planning to get pregnant in 2024 now is a great time to focus on your microbiome health. 95% of the female reproductive microbiome should be made up of the bacteria family lactobacillus.  These microbes help protect against infection while calming the immune system and reducing inflammation.  An imbalance in this area can lead to an increase in inflammation in the endometrium lining and is associated with implantation failure, miscarriage and preterm birth.  

The good news is testing is easy – it can be carried out with a simple at home swab and the results are back within 4 weeks.

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This is the most comprehensive fertility package I have ever offered and it's perfect for anyone trying to conceive naturally or through IVF.

What’s Included:

Microbiome Package

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Instalment Plan

3 monthly payments of €289

Who might consider Testing?

1. If you plan on getting pregnant and want to reduce risk of miscarriage and preterm birth as well as setting your baby up with the healthiest microbiome possible.

2. If you have never been pregnant and want to find out if your microbiome could be the holding you back.

3. If you are preparing for IVF or Egg Transfer and want to give yourself the best possible outcome.

4. If you have a history of failed implantation during IVF treatment.

5. If you have a history of recurrent pregnancy loss.

6. If you or your partner have a previous history of infections like BV, chronic thrush, HPV, recurring UTIs or multiple rounds of antibiotics.

7. If you or your partner have ever tested positive or been treated for an STI in the past.

8. If you experience any symptoms in the area such as burning, itching, unusual discharge, fishy odour or painful sex. Note – You may also test positive for an imbalance without any symptoms present.

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Microbiome Package
Included in this special offer you'll get
complimentary microbiome test worth €270 + 2 power hours with Niamh. 1 will go through the vaginal microbiome results and the second hour she will go through your full case history and give you personalised recommendations to support the best chances for conception