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During this challenge I really encourage members to get in touch with their hunger and fullness cues. This includes eating until you feel satisfied, it might even mean eating until you are stuffed the first week; until your appetite reduces. This usually happens in week 2 so you can easily reduce your servings as time goes on. I don’t want people to feel stressed and hungry, it will happen naturally if you allow your body time to adapt. Remember this is a lifestyle change so you don’t need to rush!

Another thing people ask about is under eating. Don’t worry if you don’t feel hungry, your body will take the calories from your body fat supplies – this is exactly what we want! Lack of hunger is your body signals that it’s getting prepared for a fast! 

The important thing in the first few weeks is to really nail down a routine that suits your body and try and form a routine, deciding when is best to have your first meal (this could be your snack) and what’s the best time for your last meal which is when you will start your overnight fast.  

This program is not a set meal plan, you need to chose 2 meals each day that you’d like to eat yourself. If you are feeling overwhelmed or worried about where to start make sure you watch my “Getting Started Video.”  I have included a sample meal planner below to help give you some ideas. Try and cook for a few days at a time to save yourself time. I would recommend roasting 2 chickens at once for anyone with kids, then you can use the leftover bones for making broth and the meat for curries, salads or sandwiches for the kids. I recommend bulk cooking curry, bolognese or meatballs and just change the accompaniment to the dish for variety. 

Don’t get overwhelmed you can start with just 2 or 3 days and you will gain confidence after the first week I promise!!

For anyone who would like their own blank planner you can download below…

LCHF Recipes (Low Carb high Fat)

  • V = Vegetaria
  • P = Pescetarian
  • All recipes are gluten free


Fish Dishes

Meat Dishes

Sugar Free Treats

Enjoy !