Corporate Wellness and Nutrition Workshops

I help busy professionals become more productive by increasing their energy, improving their sleep and boosting feeling of vitality using nutritional therapy and lifestyle solutions.

Relevant Corporate Experience

I have extensive experience dealing with corporate clients and the unique pressures they face.

As well as working on larger scale workshops in Avaya and with Slainte Magazine, I have also been featured on RTE, TG4, The Irish Times and other national publications.

I regularly run my own sold out events aimed at giving my clients the tools to live healthy and happy lives full of vitality.

Corporate Wellness and Nutrition Workshop Examples

Below is a list of previous workshops I have run for corporate and employee groups. These can be adapted to include or exclude anything the client wishes.

3pm Slump Survival Guide Turn your worst hour into your best hour! This employee nutrition workshop teaches participants how to balance energy throughout the day, avoid sugar cravings to boost staff wellness and productivity.

Beat the bloat – A healthy eating workshop to target tummy troubles. This workshop includes tips to target weight loss around the middle plus guidance on improving digestion for a slimmer and healthier waistline.

Winter Blues – A employee wellness workshop targeting the immune system and mood. This workshop gives clear strategies on avoiding and recovering from bugs during the winter season as well as tips and tricks on boosting mood and energy.

Sports Nutrition – A guide on looking after your system during times of intense exercise. This sports nutrition workshop will give participants tips on the best foods and supplements to take during times of intense exercise such as marathon or triathlon training, to help avoid injury or illness.

Food Labelling How to read between the lines. This workshop will help participants learn how to read labels to formulate a healthy shopping list. I also cover meal planning to reducing cost and food waste


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