Exercise Links

These exercises are short and sweet so they are perfect for anyone who has not exercised for a while! Once you start feeling your fitness levels increasing you can try out 2 in a row. Please be careful though; if you have any injuries you should always exercise under the guidance of a personal trainer or physiotherapist.

I cannot be held responsible for injuries caused from fallowing an online workout

Warming Up

Cooling Down

Cardio Leg Circuit

Low Impact Leg Exercises

Perky Bum Workout

This is a very hard workout and can be done without the ankle weights! Also free to swap over and back from right to left leg as it’s very difficult the way she stays on the same leg for the whole round! Good news is that it’s only 8 minutes long!

5 minute Ankle Weights

10 minute Ab Circuit

Sculpted Arm Work Out

Tank Top Arms

Back and Shoulder Work Out

Beginners HIIT for anyone who

(Struggles to exercise due to their age or weight)

15 Minute Beginner HIIT

HIIT is one of the best exercises for increasing fitness and boosting metabolism. I have included 2 beginners sessions and 1 more advanced for people who can comfortably exercise…

20 minute Kettle Bells

Yoga With Adriene

Foam Rolling for Sore Muscles