Where to Start

Everyone is going to be different when it comes to exercise.   For example a single person is going to have much more time to exercise than a mum of 4.    

A good tip for anyone who is time poor is to keep their runners in their car.  Try to squeeze a walk in at lunch time or after work.  You’re only aiming for 20-30 minutes per day but I know for mums once you get in the door in the evening it’s so hard to get back out again!  Ideally you can speak to your partner where you both get an evening or two to do some exercise each week.  This is going to be extremely beneficial for your mental health as well!   

For anyone suffering from stress related hormonal imbalance or weight gain (around the tummy) then yoga or pilates is going to the best kind of restorative exercise.

If you are suffering from fatigue hold off on the exercise and concentrate on healthy eating until you feel like your energy has increased, so that you are not further draining what little resources you have.  Listen to your body and start with low intensity exercise, stopping before you reach complete exhaustion.  It may be a case where you’ll need to start with some gentle walking before attempting something more difficult. 

If you’re fitter and you’ve no injuries then you can try out the 10 minute workouts, working up to 20-30 minutes when 10 minutes become easy.

I have included some of my favourite YouTube works below to help get you started! 

I am not personal trainer and cannot be held responsible for any injuries that occur when following online workouts.  Please seek advice from a medical practitioner or physio therapist if you have any injuries.

Warming Up

Cooling Down

Leg and Bum Exercises

Arm Toning Exercise

Tummy and Core

5 minute Standing Ab Workout

28 Days of Yoga
LOVE Series

You can search all of Ciara’s workouts below:  


I hope you enjoy my Keto Kickstart program, and best of luck over the next 10days!