Fertility Support Links

Support Links

I put the webinar together to squeeze in as much information as possible to help you on your fertility journey, so if you do need to reach out for someone you’ll have loads of homework done already so it will really speed up the process!   The first 2 things you need focus on immediately is tracking your cycle to find out your fertile window and I can’t stress how important it is to have sex on the correct days and also make sure sperm is good quality!  You can ask your GP about semen testing or simply google private clinics.

Period Tracker

Here is the link to the period tracking app I spoke about.  I have an android phone but I’m pretty sure any ovulation tracking app will work!  It takes about 3 months to get an accurate estimation of your ovulation date.  Ideally check with an ovulation test kit too and enter the day yourself into the app.  Ovulation test kits are very expensive so I would recommend picking them up in Dunne’s using a €5 off €20 or €10 off €50 voucher to save yourself some money!!  The smiley face ones are the easiest to read!  Count the days between your positive ovulation test and the first day you see any kind of blood or spotting. Ideally you need 12 full days here to support implantation.  Count day 1 as the day after ovulation.  

Basal Temperature Chart

Below is a link to a basal body temperature chart.  Tracking your temperature the 2nd half of your cycle is one of the best ways to monitor your progesterone activity.  When you have ovulated and progesterone levels are healthy, temperatures will usually rise above 36.4 and stay up above this until you get your period.  This was my first clue that my progesterone was lagging as my temperatures were not consistently above 36.4 the second half of my cycle.  

Fertility Checklist

I have just summarised all the important into one checklist to make life easy!   

Vitamin D Testing

Many doctors are now refusing to check your vitamin D levels and instead they say everyone should be supplementing with vitamin D in the winter time.  That’s not good enough though, as some people will need 1,000iu a day to optimise their levels and some 10,000iu per day (like me!)

For this reason I always recommend testing not guessing!

You can order an at home test kit from Cerascreen and what I really love about this company is they will give you a dose and duration of vitamin D to bring your levels up to a more optimum level.  Accordingly to webMD –

“Women with the correct levels of vitamin D were 34% more likely yo have a positive pregnancy test, 46%  more likely to achieve a clinical pregnancy and one third more likely to have a live birth than women with low levels of vitamin D.”


Positive Mindset

Keeping a positive mindset is important when you have a lot on your mind especially if you’ve had a miscarriage.  It’s easy to fall down a rabbit hole of what ifs and drive yourself crazy!!  I can totally empathise after 2 miscarriages I felt totally out of control of what was happening to my body and my anxiety was through the roof!  I found picking out 2/3 words from the below sheet really helpful.  My words were “safety and trust“.  I stuck them on my wardrobe and every day I reminded myself that although I didn’t know what was going to happy I was safe and I trusted that everything would be ok in the end.  I hope it can help you too.  Just read through and pick the words that stand out most to you!  It’s so important to have hope and not to expect the worst outcome.  For your relationship but also for your own mental health.  Focusing on 2 positive words or affirmations will help stop depression and anxiety from totally taking over!


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