Online Fertility - Masterclass

Fertility Masterclass

This is an online masterclass aimed at keeping you informed.  Knowledge is power!  When I finally got in front of a gynae, I had so much homework done myself, she could tell exactly what was wrong so I didn’t need IVF and after 3 years of trying to conceive and 2 miscarriages I got pregnant in just 2 months and carried to full term after 1 small change.  Don’t worry I’ll be going into full detail about my own journey in the webinar!   I am also happy to share my gynae’s contact details too, as a few of you have already asked!  You’ll get a link to join the webinar once you sign up and I’ll send out a recording of the webinar with your ebook shortly after the presentation! 

During this Masterclass you'll Learn...

Guidelines for improving egg and sperm quality for the best chance of having a healthy pregnancy.


If it’s taking a while to get pregnant, I’ll explain what easily available testing is available to ensure you have as much information as possible yourself before seeking out medical intervention.


It’s important to understand the menstrual cycle and exactly when you are ovulating.  Some people will test positive for ovulation but have issues with their hormones post ovulation, which can impact implantation and prevent pregnancy.  There are signs and symptoms if there is an issue with the hormones post ovulation and it’s important to be able to identify these!


Our whole endocrine (hormonal) system is connected and if one is area is off kilter it can effect other areas too.  During the webinar I’ll go through the best diet and lifestyle tips to keep all of your hormones happy! 


Crazy PMS, sore boobs, water retention, very painful periods are not normal.  During the webinar I will give tips on balancing your hormones naturally to optimise your cycle. 


I’ll speak about the best supplements to optimise your chances of having a healthy pregnancy and when to start them.


Unexpected obstacles to fertility… things you may not have even considered! 


Lifestyle Factors that can impact fertility.


Environmental chemicals that can disrupt hormones that you need to avoid!


Who and when to ask for help…


Don’t worry you won’t have to remember everything!  You’ll receive an ebook shortly after the presentation with a check list to help you on your journey! 


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