Gut Health and Fertility

70% of women with undiagnosed infertility have been found to have increased levels of oxidative stress and inflammation in their body. Oxidative stress can impact egg quality and a calm and balanced immune system is vital for acceptance of the blastocyst when it’s trying to implant.  Improving the diet, as well as gut health is key to reducing these markers.

Good bacteria live in every mucous membrane in the body and they communicate with our immune system keeping us healthy.  When you have healthy levels of good bacteria; they support the immune system in keeping out infections and they also help us to recognise food as friend and this is very important part of keeping the immune system calm.

Not only that but our good bacteria eat fibre and in turn produce anti-inflammatory compounds called short chained fatty acids to help keep our gut and in turn our whole body healthy.  “Bad” bacteria also known as pathogenic or opportunistic bacteria can increase inflammation in the body.  Therefore balancing good and bad bacteria is an important part of reducing inflammation in the body.  As the bowel transfers bacteria to the vagina and the bladder, it’s vital that the gut is healthy in order for these areas to be healthy.

Milk Kefir

At high levels our good bacteria have the potential to push/ crowd out the bad bacteria from the gut.  That’s why I love kefir! Kefir contains over 2,000 different strains of beneficial microbes.  1 teaspoon of homemade milk kefir is similar to taking a probiotic capsule as it contains approximately 40 billion live bacteria.  Drinking just 100ml daily (the size of an Actimel yoghurt drink) means you are going to be getting 20 times this amount!  It can have quite a profound impact on the health of the gut!  If you’d like to try out making your own milk kefir at home please send me your postal address and I’d be happy to send you on some grains to get you started!

Making Milk Kefir
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