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You don’t have to change your style of eating completely when you first start keto.  Making the recommended swaps below can really help reduce the amount of carbohydrates you are consuming.  Ensure all your meals have a good base of protein to help keep you satisfied and to support lean muscle and healthy bones.  

  • Bread -> Keto bread 
  • Spaghetti -> courgette spaghetti 
  • Lasagne Sheets -> Courgette Strips 
  • Sheppard’s Pie Topping -> Celeriac or Cauliflower 
  • Rice -> Cauliflower Rice
  • Potatoes -> Celeriac chips, celeriac gratin, mashed cauliflower
  • Serve bolognese -> in a roasted pepper or over roasted aubergine for a low carb option 
  • Serve chilli -> cauliflower rice or in a burrito bowl
  • Low fat dressing -> caesar, pesto mixed with olive oil, a squeeze of lemon and olive oil.
  • Increase healthy fats -> avocados, olive oil, coconut milk and oil, eggs, real butter, oily fish, nuts and seeds. 

The important thing in the first few weeks is to really nail down a routine that suits your body and try to decide when is best time to have your 3 meals without leaving too long in between.  After a week or so of eating low carb / keto you’ll notice you aren’t hungry in the mornings and you can push out breakfast until 10am and if you finish eating by 8pm that’s a 14 hour fast!  

Preparing some sweet treats for the first couple of weeks will really help you stay on track, however once you start to notice your cravings for sugar reducing (which will naturally happen) I recommend reducing these treats to occasional use to help support weight loss.  

LCHF Recipes (Low Carb high Fat)

  • V = Vegetaria
  • P = Pescetarian
  • All recipes are gluten free


Fish Dishes

Meat Dishes

Sugar Free Treats

Enjoy !