Progesterone Masterclass

Low Progesterone and Infertility

Low progesterone contributes to between 10-30% of infertility and miscarriage.   I had difficulties getting pregnant and ended up having 2 miscarriages due to low progesterone.  Everyone trying to conceive should be aware of the signs and symptoms of low progesterone.  (I had all of them but I didn’t get in front of the right person to ask me any kind of in-depth questions about my cycle to identify the problem until 3 years later!).

It’s absolutely vital to know your cycle really well when you are trying to conceive; when you are ovulating, how long your luteal phase is and what your peak progesterone measures to set yourself up the best possible chance of success.  This presentation is going to help guide you through all of the above!   I don’t want anyone to have to go through what I went through so I’ve put together this mini masterclass so you understand:

  • What can cause low progesterone 
  • What symptoms you need to look out for
  • And how to address it if it is identified as an issue. 

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Please refer back to the supplement module for recommended progesterone support


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