I have teamed up with Pure and Natural to give members 10% off!
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I am delighted to announce that I have teamed up with Pure and Natural in Ireland and the Natural Dispensary in the UK to give members 10% OFF their supplements and sweetener using my code NBN10 or if you are in the UK NBN010

I have included this email with the most popular supplements I use in my own clinic.  Of course you don’t have buy all of these but the first 3 will be most useful for this program…! 

The electrolytes are the only product that are required and the rest are optional depending on your own needs and symptoms.  I do recommend getting the sweetener though for making treats as it can be difficult to source in the health food shop and it’s really good value on this website!

You will be prompted to register your details once you click into an item below and then simply chose the ‘client’ option at the bottom of the page to reveal a box where you will enter my discount code (it will ask for practitioner name or code and put the discount code in there)

Delivery is only €2.50! 

Elete Sugar Free Electrolytes

Electrolytes are a non negotiable when you are starting the keto diet and they are going to make fasting so much easier once you start the second half of the program.  They are generally very safe for most people to take but if you are taking blood pressure medication you’ll need to check with your doctor first.  One serving ( 20 drops = 1/4 teaspoon) contains 45mg magnesium, 395mg chloride, 130mg potassium and 125mg of sodium.  You can save the latter when asking your pharmacist.

Ketone Test Strips

If you’d like to check if your body is producing ketones, the cheapest and easiest way to do it when first starting the keto diet is using urine test strips.  They are only €8.50 for 120 test strips

Powdered Sweetener

I absolutely love this powdered sweetener.  I find the larger granules really don’t dissolve very well into recipes! The powdered erythritol can be used in any recipe that needs a sweetener but especially for recipes that work better with an icing style sugar like meringue.  It’s great value at just €11 for 1kg bag!

Digestive Enzymes

Not everyone will need these enzymes.  I have just included them for anyone suffering from bloating, cramping or sluggish digestion.  Although these should not react with medication they are not suitable for anyone with an active stomach ulcer.  Follow label unless you are extra bloated, in which case you can take 2 with your meals instead of one.

Mag 365 - Plain Flavour

Magnesium in the citrate form is one of the best constipation relieving agents. Unlike laxatives, it does not over stimulate the bowel, it simply draws extra water to the intestines for ease of movement.  I recommend starting with 1 teaspoon before bed in boiling water and increasing by 1/2 teaspoon each night (to a maximum of 2.5) until desired results are achieved = comfortable movement but not too loose!  Magnesium also doubles as a relaxing agent to help support a more restful night’s sleep and you can add it to Pukka Tulsi Clarity or Barry’s Lemon and Ginger with Lemon Balm, both if these teas are extremely relaxing… When I add powdered magnesium to these teas I like to call them my liquid valuum!! 

Stress Support Multi
with Relaxing Herbs

I use this supplement for a lot of my female hormone clients, especially for those who are over stimulated with coffee and feeling stressed and tired.  These herbs can also be helpful to support sleep, mood and over all wellbeing. However it is not recommended for anyone taking blood pressure medication as it contains ginseng.  Follow label for directions.  Do not take if pregnant or breastfeeding.  

Myo Inositol

Myo inositol is from the B vitamin family and can help women with PCOS manage their symptoms by supporting balanced hormones, regular ovulation, improved energy and sleep and it can also help to support weight loss!  Myo inositol has also been shown to be helpful for perimenopausal women.  This supplement does not tend to interact with medication but it can lower blood sugar so I always recommend starting with a reduced dose and taking it with your first meal of the day

I hope you find these links useful and it makes your journey a bit easier.  If anyone is worried whether any of these supplements might interact with medications or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding you can drop the company a message on (I call him Fab for short!)