Vaginal Microbiome Testing

Please Read Carefully...

This test will give you a break down of the most common ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bacteria present in the vagina as well as an indicator for any inflammation present.  For optimum fertility, implantation and a healthy pregnancy you want 95% of the vaginal microbiome to be lactobacillus so this will tell us if there are any other bacteria present.  This test costs £199 + £29 postage where a courier will come to your house or place of work and collect it.  It’s a very simple to use at home swab test and if you have to bring the package into work for collection, it’s plain so no one will know what’s inside!  

You need to complete the test early in the week (ideally Mon-Wed).  I would recommend calling the courier first and organising collection and then completing the test that morning. 

Invivo use UPS and let them know you’ve a prepaid envelop:

I would recommend taking a photo of the tracking number on the envelop in case it goes missing! 

There are instructions with the kit but you can also download them from the link below so you can read them twice and make sure everything is correct.  The most important points:

  1. Post early in the week
  2. No antibiotics, anti fungals or anti microbial herbs 2 weeks prior to testing
  3. No probiotics 1 week prior to testing
  4. No sexual intercourse 24 hours prior to testing
  5. Ensure not to contaminate the test with menstrual blood as the lab will reject the sample.


You will need to register an account to begin and enter my practitioner code so the report is then sent to me and then I’ll go through the results with you.  My practitioner code is F3hK6b_5017 

If you have any questions please do not hesitiate to ask.