Vegetarians and Pescetarian Recipes

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We have lots of vegetarians and pescetarian recipes in the group. You can search for them in the group by simply adding the words vegetarian or pescetarian to the search box on the top of the group (on your mobile) or left hand side on your laptop.

Ensure you are getting enough protein to keep your cravings at bay. Fish, shellfish, tofu, eggs, cheese, higher protein yoghurt (Glenisk or Fage). Seeds, especially the smaller seeds like hemp and chia are high in protein and omega 3. Meal examples include dishes like curries with tofu or prawns, omellette’s, smoothies with protein powder, granola and yoghurt, cheesey salads like halloumi or mozzarella. It doesn’t need to be boring either… you can also get very creative with keto falafels, cauliflower pizza bases or vegetarian meat balls to name a few favourites in the group!

Remember the challenge is not guided, everyone needs to decide which 2 meals they are going to eat each day, using the guidelines and recipe ideas from the group so you don’t have to stick to only these recipes. There’s also more recipes in the file section of the Facebook group and I’ll be adding to through out the month.

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