Food for Fertility
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"Fertility is a journey and learning about our bodies and how to nourish ourselves is key for fertility and a healthy Pregnancy"

A woman’s diet can affect her hormones, her egg quality, her gut health, the levels of inflammation in her body and even if she ovulates!  All of these areas have a huge impact on fertility.  Diet and lifestyle factors can help balance all of these areas so why wouldn’t we use these to our advantage when trying to get pregnant?  Nutrients are the building blocks of life after all and it’s not just about getting pregnant it’s important to set yourself for the healthiest pregnancy possible!

Nutrition can help to:

  • Balance our hormones
  • Improve improve egg and sperm quality
  • Support a calm immune system
  • Repopulate the gut with healthy bacteria – which helps the vagina
  • Provide nutrients to support the healthiest pregnancy possible.
  • All of which will increase the chances of having a healthy pregnancy via natural methods or IVF!

This online webinar will take place on Friday 18th at 1pm and the recording will be available for 1 week afterwards if you can’t make the live.

I look forward to having you on the webinar!

Niamh Burke

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