Master your Menopause
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"Our diet and lifestyle habits have a huge influence over our hormonal health and wellbeing"

Let me guide you through an easier transition into menopause during this 1 hour masterclass.

During menopause people assume that the reproductive system is the only system that needs support but this is a big mistake!  Lots of hormones change as we get older so many systems need support!  Not every “menopausal” symptom is due to low oestrogen, the pancreas and adrenals desperately need support during this transition to help us sleep well and feel energised and it’s something no one is talking about!!

During this webinar I will guide you through exactly what is happening to our hormones during menopause and how to best support these changes to feel your best.    

With the right strategies you can set yourself up for balanced hormones and an easier menopause…

I look forward to having you on the Masterclass.

Niamh Burke

Master Your Menopause

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