Progesterone Masterclass
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"Fertility is a journey and learning about our bodies and how to nourish ourselves, not only our diet, but also the words we are feeding ourselves, can be the missing link we need to get pregnant"

Low progesterone contributes to between 10-30% of infertility and miscarriage and it was my story.  I ended up having 2 miscarriages due to low progesterone.  It’s such an easy fix so everyone trying to have a baby should be aware of the signs and symptoms.  (I had all of them but I didn’t get in front of the right person to ask me any kind of in-depth questions about my cycle to identify the problem until 3 years later!)

I don’t want anyone to have to go through what I went through so I’ve put together a mini masterclass on the 16th of June to explain:

  • What symptoms you need to look out for
  • What can cause low progesterone 
  • Who is most at risk 
  • And how to address it if it is identified as an issue. 

What I have learned over the years about fertility is that a lot of it comes back to ticking boxes and ruling out factors that maybe contributing to not being able to get pregnant.  Unexplained infertility is a very lazy diagnosis on and what it really means is they haven’t found out what is causing the issue and more investigations are needed to identify what’s going on!  

Although multiple factors can contribute to infertility, by the end of this masterclass you’ll have a clear idea of whether low progesterone might be impacting your fertility and what you can do about it.

The recording will be available afterwards if you can’t make it.

I look forward to having you on the Masterclass.

Niamh Burke

Progesterone Masterclass

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