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Colonic Hydrotherapy

I wanted to share my experience with you having a Colonic Hydrotherapy treatment! As a Nutritional Therapist I like to try out things myself before recommending them to a client… I was feeling very nervous because I really didn’t know what to expect! Taking the unknown factor out of it will hopefully encourage more people to avail of this wonderful treatment… Being a nutritional therapist I am very comfortable talking about bowel movements daily with clients so I thought I would be the perfect candidate to write a blog post on the whole experience!

After arriving to clinic I was welcomed into the waiting area and invited to fill out a consultation form; while listening to some soothing music in the background.  Antoinette was my therapist, she is a fully qualified nurse and very professional and reassuring. She explained all utensils were disposable and hospital grade and detailed everything that would happen during the treatment.

She directed me to the bathroom where I was given disposable undies, Velcro towel wrap and some cosy socks so my feet wouldn’t get cold! I thought this was a lovely touch!!

I returned to the room where I was directed onto the bed and she began to work her magic. The most uncomfortable part was getting the tube inserted but once it’s in you can’t really feel it.   She flushes the bowel with warm water and you let her know when you’re feeling an urge to pass a movement; at that point she releases the water again and this relieves the urge to go!!  She repeated this several times changing the water temperature. During the treatment I was giving the option of having a toilet break which I gladly accepted… This gave me the opportunity to empty my bowel while I read one of her little books on positive affirmations!

When I was done I returned to the bed for the rest of my treatment. I was curious to know what was actually coming through the tube but she said not much at all as I had cleared most of it out during my toilet break (which I was kind of relieved about)!!

She massaged and palpated my abdomen and found tender areas of inflammation, which she informed me was around my gall bladder and liver. This is very interesting to me because I have suffered from hormonal issues for many years.   As a nutritional therapist I understand the liver and bile is what removes excess hormones, if this system is not functioning optimally it can cause a build up excess hormones in the system!

She finished off my treatment with a coffee enema and explained the amazing benefits! She informed me she was using the Gerson Therapy brand of coffee; this is used in the protocol for the Gerson Cancer treatment. Amazingly a coffee enema can speed up liver function by up to a massive 600% (according to Dr Gerson).  It helps eliminate toxins and bile by stimulating the liver and gall bladder.  During the coffee enema I felt an amazing feeling of Euphoria – I don’t usually drink coffee but if that’s what people are experiencing then no wonder it’s addictive!!

After the coffee enema she flushed out my colon for the last time to help remove any bile residue. She felt my tummy again and it didn’t feel as tender as before – this hopefully indicates some of the pressure was relieved from my gall bladder!

Once the treatment was finished I sat down with Antoinette and she gave me a cup of warm herbal tea and we discussed my follow up recommendations. I must say it was lovely to be getting advice for change from giving it!! She recommended magnesium, a probiotic and a castor oil wrap which I’m really excited about trying out!!

I was really happy with the treatment and couldn’t recommend Antoinette more highly!  You can book a consultation with her in her clinic in Westside Galway.

I paid for my session and I did not receive any gratuities for writing this blog it was just a record of my own experience for anyone who is interested!


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